Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tidbits from Today #BB14

Once again I had the feeds playing in the background as I worked today.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but there was some good conversation.

I think they are locked down inside today, indicating that there will be an elaborate set for the HOH competition.  The Thursday live show is preempted in my market for fucking NFL football, so check your local schedules.  I'm pissed about that big time.  I will be covering the post show live feeds, so don't worry about that.  I will try to watch the show on the internet, but that plan didn't go so well last time, which was the night Janelle was evicted.  Fucking NFL. If you have any good ideas about how I can watch the Thursday show live on the internet, please let me know.

 Here are some highlights from today:

*  Dan and Frank had a nice chat.  Dan reminded Frank about all of the times when Frank accused Dan of taking advantage of a kid like Ian in the game.  They both laughed, and Dan said that several times he was close to putting that situation on blast when they were in a big group.   Dan and Frank seem to have a really easy, friendly rapport.

*  Ian and Britney got VERY drunk last night. I think Britney needed help walking.   Ian had to make some rounds today with apologies.  I'm still working on my BBAD recap, so I'm not sure how much of it I will see there, but you should know that Britney was a happy drunk, and Ian was a very mean and sour drunk.  He had to apologize to Jenn for a comment he made about 9-11 and I'm not sure he remembers all of his words and actions.

*  Frank told Ian that 'he said some things that the folks back home won't like".  He also mentioned the way Ian was acting when he was in the pool with Britney.  Ian was alarmed when he heard that so I could tell he didn't remember.  (We've all been there, but not with cameras watching and people like me putting it out there for all to see.)  Frank also announced that after last night, they probably won't get much alcohol anymore.

*  Dan continues to encourage Britney to become a real estate agent.  He says with her people skills and analytical mind, she would do very well.

*  Britney told some stories about her various jobs.  In NY she worked for Astra Zeneca  (Dan said "AZ" and I know what that is.)  and after she got engaged she knew she was going to have to quit and leave NY to move to Oklahoma to live with Ryan.  She heard that Astra was going to have layoffs, so she was hoping that would come up before she had to quit.  Pharma companies lay off when their key drugs go off patent, etc, so she knew it was coming.  Before the layoffs they always send out a message first asking for volunteers.  Britney was within one month of her wedding when the volunteer message went out---she said she responded within 15 minutes to accept their offer.  It was much more lucrative  then just leaving the job.

*  She also told a story about flying to Oklahoma to interview with Eli Lilly and what a dick the interviewer was.  She did not get that job.  Britney described all of the places in NYC that deliver food---basically all restaurants and how convenient it is.  Later in the conversation Frank said that if he wins BB, he might live in NY for a short time to see what it's all about.  When Britney asked why  he mentioned what she said about all of the restaurant deliveries.  (You know Frank LOVES to talk about food.)  He also liked the idea of liquor companies delivering.  (Frank:  That's solid!)

*  Britney gave two examples of things she said on the live feeds during BB12 that came back to haunt her.  Once she described a former boyfriend who would wait until she fell asleep and then go through her phone and demand explanations for certain calls or texts as soon as she woke up.  She said that guy sought her out after BB12 ended to complain about her talking about him.  She also made some disparaging comments about her former fiance's brother's girlfriend and how that girl went from a BB12-Britney SuperFan to hating her guts and bashing her all of the time.

*  She alluded to the fact that the guy she was "dating" had a lot of issues with her behavior in the BB12 house.  I think he called her mother to complain constantly about the revealing clothes that Britney wore, etc.  (She never calls him her Fiance now, but she said that constantly during BB12 and she wore his engagement ring.)

*  Dan had a serious girlfriend during BB10, and her father was very pissed when Dan went on BB10.  He said something like "what if my daughter waits for you and then some blonde with big tits starts rubbing up against you in the BB pool?".   This lead to a short discussion of Keisha (who, of course, was blonde with big tits), and how  everybody thought Dan was too flirty with her and suspected something went on between them.  (I've heard Dan say before that when he went home after BB10, he realized he didn't miss her that much, so he broke up with her.  I suspect Dan had a GOOD time with Memphis in LA, too.  He has also mentioned how much trouble you can get in to in LA in the club scene. )

*  Dan asked Robyn Kass why Will Kirby wouldn't do BB14 and she told Dan that Will was making some huge money and wouldn't do it.  Dan thinks he knows where all of the cameras are in the Arcade Room, so he actually held up a pillow but not in front of the camera I was watching.  I could read his lips as he told Britney the following:  After he won BB10, he asked Production for Dr. Will's phone number.  They said no.  He asked for Mike Boogie's phone number.  They said no.  Dan said can you call him and ask him to call me?  Mike did, and gave him a lot of good advice about what to do with his life---basically to go home to the coaching job he loves and invest the money since he didn't need it to live on.  Then he got an email from Dr. Will with some tips and advice.  Dan ended up emailing with both of them when he had questions about certain events or offers when they came his way, to see if they recommended pursuing them.  Dan told Britney that "he wanted me to invest in Dr. Tattoff".  Dan's financial guy "looked at the deal" and then Dan made a face that indicated the deal didn't look good.  (I have to say that Dan didn't say the company prospects didn't look good, but maybe the deal that they offered him didn't meet the minimum payback or something.  Or maybe a new business was deemed too risky...who knows.  He may be sorry about that now.)

*  Later in the afternoon Ian had a talk with Dan.  He was sniffling and almost crying outright, talking about Britney leaving.  And I'm sure he's ashamed about his actions last night.  He's going to have to live that down----I've heard him speaking angrily in the past few days that he was the "founder of the Quack Pack and he'll go down with the ship." (He may be a BB scholar, but he's just a kid with very limited life experience.)

*  Jenn told Dan about what Jodi said when she met the other house guests.  I've heard Wil allude to some of this, but I've never heard it recounted word for word.

Jenn:  Jodi said that she was a newlywed with five stepkids, but let me tell you  I'm nobody's mama!  She said she wouldn't be doing our dishes and I was like okay, but I'm a grown ass woman.  Then when Wil was introducing himself he said "I'm the token gay" and Jodi said, no you're not, she is too! and pointed right at me!  Later she said to me maybe that wasn't the right thing to say and I said no, it wasn't.

Dan was cracking up at all of this Jodi talk.  After all, she was on his team for a few hours.  They didn't talk about it today, but I've also heard that Jodi commented that she thought Danielle's front teeth are fake (I think they are.) and of course that Frank was hiding some sort of high-end career because of his top of the line Samsonite luggage.


  1. You can watch it on youtube. There's a guy who posts episodes of BB14 less than an hour after it airs.

  2. But is there a reliable way to stream it live? I'm going to be covering the endurance comp as it plays out live after the show so it would be nice to at least listen to the live stream so I know what is going on.


  3. I have had luck finding live streams on

    Sometimes feeds are listed in Entertainment, sometimes they are listed in Animals, Sports. etc.
    I have found them under key words such as endurance/boring peeps/bbf


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