Monday, August 6, 2012

Tidbits from Team T*ts #BB14

These are a few more tidbits from the post I made earlier today about Team Tit's backyard conversation.

* Wil mocked Janelle's comments about "why she doesn't have any Twitter followers".  He said she said "her season was back in the MySpace days" and they didn't have Twitter back then.  Jenn said that hearing all of that has been hard to take--if Janelle is a "fan, then fine...".  The implication is that they mock Janelle for only being famous for Big Brother---if she had something else going on, then she wouldn't have that excuse.  (Janelle is a stay at home mom and hasn't proclaimed to be anything else except a BB fan...)

*  Jenn said that her band was one of the most hated heavy metal bands because it was all girls, but they had a big fan base, too.

*  In the middle of their chattering about secrets, Wil burst out "Oh, I was on American Idol!"  This stopped the chatter and they both stared at him.

Ashley:  You mean, on TV?  You were on TV?

Wil:  Yeah.  I don't like to talk about it, but yes.  And that contract was so scary!

Jenn:  Uh huh.  Almost like this one!

Wil:  They own you for nine years!  Nine years!

Jenn:  But if you do well, you can do well...

*  Jenn has mentioned that once her Facebook profile was spotted by BB casting, the whole arrangement took about two weeks.  She adds now that she sent them a very pointed email with about 6 bullet points of specific contract issues, saying she told them "I'm not just some Reality Girl...".  We got FISH while she was talking, but she implied they understood her concerns and worked to get around them.

I wonder if this will stay a secret for Jenn?  I don't think she should have told them.  There may be a lot of solidarity now while they are fighting the Coaches, but when it is just the newbies I think they will hold it against her.

Has anyone asked Wil about his dating history?  I would love to hear him talk about that.  And I would love to hear Jenn talk about groupies--she has got to have some good stories about that.

Also, did Jenn have any writing credits for Kittie?  That is where you make your money--owning the songs not just playing on them.  Although its probably unlikely that a show like Dawson's Creek would play a Kittie song in the background.  I've heard their stuff and it is hardcore, but some of the songs are catchy.

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