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Tidbits after the Nominations #BB14

I'm sure you know that nominations happened last night, and that Mike Boogie and Frank got blindsided.  I think Frank may have had a bad feeling---he said earlier in the day that he had a nightmare where he was evicted and went grocery shopping with Wil.  Or something like that.

Anyway, the nominations happened about 2 hours before Showtime started.  I posted last night about the nominations, but then just watched the feeds for an hour or so while I ate dinner.  Sometimes I get burnt out from typing, and just want to watch.

This morning I started recapping last night's BBAD, and realized there were quite a few things that happened in that two hour time period that I didn't cover here.  So here are the high points, from my memory.  Sorry, no pictures...

Meeting with Mike, Frank and Shane in the HOH

*  Immediately after the noms, when the feeds returned we saw Mike and Frank up in the HOH with Shane, giving him the business about what just happened.  They kept saying that if Shane heard they were targeting him, why didn't they come and ask them about it?   Frank was a little heated at first, so Mike took over and started speaking reasonably to Shane, in a calm voice.  He kept stressing that they aren't mad at him, and they can still have a tight relationship and work together in the game if things are corrected with the POV.

*  Mike is very good at at time like this---Dan may get the credit as a master manipulator, but I think Mike may be a little better.  He doesn't lie---he just tells it like it is, and has a seemingly infiinite list of negotiating points.  He has analyzed Shane this summer and knows how to get in his head.

*  I'm not certain how Britney's name came up--it could be that Mike brought up her name and just assumed that the noms were all her idea.  Maybe he was giving Shane an easy out, who knows.  But Shane did nod his head and play along.   Mike wisely pointed out that Britney has been coasting off Shane all summer, and that she shrewdly went for the Safety prize because she knew Shane had the HOH prize in the bag.  She wanted Shane to do her dirty work this week, and next week she is free to play for HOH when he isn't.  Shane will be the one with the target on his back, not her.

*  You can see Shane's wheels turning in his head.  Then Mike says that Britney is still worried about a repeat of BB12---she doesn't want the guys to bond and lock her out of the game.  Mike points at the three of them while he says she doesn't want another Brigade to dominate this game.  He makes a circle of the three of them and says look what happened that year---one of the guys won, and another came in second.  Shane nods.

*  Mike says he knows everybody likes to talk crap about him, and they make up all kinds of stories about what he's done.  But Mike says that is all talk, and it is their actions that speak louder than words.  Frank comes back in with a calmer tone and says that his actions last week (i.e. not nominating Shane) should show him where their loyalties lie.

*  Mike says that after this game is over, he'll go back to Vermont with his stipend, and Britney will go to the bank in Oklahoma with her husband and never give him much thought for helping her win the game.  He says to look at her relationship with Lane in BB12---she hid behind him all summer, but now they've only seen each other once or twice--they went to a football game together---big deal.

*  Mike says look at the three of of us is going to win the POV.  And even if one of us goes this week, the other will be here fighting with a vengeance.   There is still plenty of time to make the right choices this week.  Shane says he needs to talk to the both of them every day, to keep this in his head, because of all the other chatter he hears.  He says that this conversation has gone much better than he expected it to go, and that they have given him a lot to think about.  He stresses that he is open to ideas and plans.

*  Mike Boogie is a very good talker when the chips are down.  He seems to come alive at that point.  Just my observations.

Meeting with Shane and Britney in the HOH

*  Shane went downstairs to get Britney and bring her back upstairs.  He wanted to tell her that her name was brought up in the conversation with Frank and Mike.

*  I didn't listen to every word of this meeting, but trust that Britney was very upset with Shane.  She keeps saying that he threw her under the bus and is now making her a HUGE target.

Meeting with Ian, Mike and Frank on Skid Row

*  Ian came in and expressed shock at the nominations.  His key was pulled last, and he tells Mike he thought he was nominated for "one hot second".

(But did you know he asked Shane to put his key in last?  He is worried that Mike and Frank will know that he is part of the Quack Pack.  For some reason the Quack Pack just lets him come off like the good guy.  So now people like Jenn are saying that "Ian's next" on their list, when that is not at all true right now...)

*.  Ian nicely covered his tracks with Froogie (easier to type) and then says he is bound and determined to win the POV.  He says if it is How Bad Do You Want It? he will win.  (That should be very interesting....will he really want to win?)  He asked them if he wins, which won of them should he pull off the block?  Frank said they don't want to have that conversation right now....obviously both of them want to be taken off--they will just wait and see what happens.

*  After Ian left they discussed how to handle Britney.  Mike said he was just going to act like a wall was between them, and ignore her.

Meeting with Britney, Mike and Frank on Skid Row

(This is a conversation we will surely see on the CBS show....)

*  Britney comes bounding in the room and tells Froogie that she knows that Shane has thrown her under the bus--she didn't have anything to do with the nominations.

*  Mike:  Britney, who the fuck do you think you're talking to?


*  Mike:  One or both of us are staying this week, so save it Britney!

*  Britney was nearly in tears during this conversation, but Froogie's not buying it.  Not at all.

*  Then she started SCREAMING at Frank and we went to FISH for a few minutes.

Maybe Production said, can you please postpone this argument until Showtime starts?

This is barebones, I know, but it will let you know how the shit hit the fan tonight.  What started out as an expected blindside is disintegrating into a huge finger pointing session against everyone except the two guys who are nominated.

I expect this to be an interesting week....

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  1. Along with the spin the bottle night (pure fun), this was my favorite night! Alpha omega byyyye. Hahaha. I stayed up til like 3am BBT watching all the madness unfold.



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