Thursday, August 30, 2012

They're Hurting #BB14

and their chatter has quieted.  They all to try and shift and stretch however they can.  Ian said it is harder for them when they spin slowly.  The Pirate Ship gave them a break when they leaned back, but Ian says there is no break here.

Dan burped and apologized to his mom.  He just said something about loving Chelsea and that was the sweet spot in his head.

Ian says the HOH sign is from the Teddy Bear Mattress competition.  Frank says there are a lot of back drops up there and Ian says he is enjoying looking at them.

Frank must be nervous, looking at Ian up there.

Joe:  Who's got another 6 hours in them?

Dan:  I got 12 hours if it means I get to see Chelsea.

Joe.  Yeah, I kinda want to see her, too.

Jenn guffaws at that.

Danielle's down.  She says she needs to vomit.

Dan's down.  He apologizes to Chelsea.

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