Monday, August 6, 2012

There are Only Three Cigarettes Left #BB14

and Janelle has all three of them, she says. 

They try to figure out when the movie luxury competition usually happens.  They decide that it is usually the 3rd or 4th week.  They remember last year, when it was only a David Hasselhoff television show.

Janelle:  That sucks---it was only 40 minutes without the commercials!

They discussed how Jordan picked Kalia and Shelley, and Rachel and Brendon were so mad about it.  Janelle mimicked Rachel talking to Jordan about not picking the HOH to watch the TV show.

Janelle told Britney that in Allstars Neil Patrick Harris came in the house and they celebrated Christmas, and everybody opened presents.

Janelle:  And I got a lot of bras...tons of lingerie.  I was like, okay, who's doing the shopping for me and buying bras?

Britney doesn't remember much about All Stars.  She tells Janelle that she was only 17 when Allstars was on and Janelle was shocked.  She was 26 during All Stars.

Britney:  Do you think your BB fame is going to start all over again?

Janelle:  No.  It doesn't last very long...just a few months.

Janelle says that she lived in Miami, where not many people watch the show, but in smaller markets where people all watch the show it might be different.  She says that in Lakeville Minnesota people may approach her more.

Britney said it was starting to die down in Arkansas when she moved to New York.

Britney:  You'll see.  When you first get out of the house and tweet something, you get like 700 replies!

Janelle is surprised.  Then she tells Britney that she got a tweet from someone last summer that said something like "I think you're a good mom---you'll get your son back soon!"  The girl thought Janelle was the Janelle from Teen Moms.

They laugh that those girls have hundreds of thousands of "fans".

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