Saturday, August 25, 2012

The POV Players Have Been Chosen #BB14

and look how sad poor Father Dan looks, all alone in the Arcade.

Frank is chatting about how maybe they can do some daytime drinking later today.

Frank:  I tried to ask 'em when it was gonna be, but they won't tell you jack shit in there...probably in the next 5 hours, I guess.

Joe isn't playing in the POV, and is disappointed. Everyone except Joe and Ian is playing.

Then Dan hunts down Ian to talk.  He says that Frank has no power over Ian, and doesn't even control any votes except his own.  Dan leaves Ian with a parting threat, that "if Ian doesn't use the POV power for him, he won't vote for him in the Jury" hauls ass to the living room.

(Just for that, I hope Ian burns his ass.  It was personal and mean.)

Dan sat quickly with Danielle in the nomination chairs, and asked her if she agreed with the House Guest Choice and she says absolutely.

Now he's in the storage room with Jenn and he is badmouthing "her" which narrows it down to Britney and Danielle.   He says that should show Jenn what "she" is all about.

They all think it will be "How Bad Do You Want It?".  If that's it, I think Dan has a shot, if he's willing to go the distance.  You know, with the head-shaving and the slop.  Frank has said he won't shave his head, but I don't think he should rule that out.

I wonder if Shane would shave his head?  Jenn?  Jenn is in no danger of going up on the block, but Shane and Britney are.  Especially Britney.  Frank thinks he and Shane have a deal now.  But Frank is wrong.

Joe made some slop bread that Dan is eating.  Shane struggles to pronounce the ingredients on the Matza box.  Shane says it doesn't contain eggs.  Frank says, yes it does and Shane corrects himself.

Ian rocks furiously at the dining table.  Danielle examines all of Dan's scars and scabs on his legs.

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