Monday, August 27, 2012

The POV is Over...and Whoa..... #BB14

Jenn used her POV to save Dan, and Frank put Britney on the block.  She and Danielle are sitting in the nomination chairs.  Britney is stunned.

And Ian is in the HOH, mad as hell.  Frank the Huge Carrot is calling Ian out on his lies and betrayals in the game.

Danielle is playing it like she's been played, too....

Fucking Dan Gheesling....he may be the best player ever.

Whoa......Ian is yelling at Frank and he was just told to "get the fuck outside" by Frank.  Britney is trying to calm Ian down.

Welcome to the game, Jenn City.  


  1. I smell opportunity. The wonderful smell of Danielle walking out of the house. Go Brit.

  2. I would disagree with you Rita, but if you had told me 24 hours ago that Dan would have gotten himself off the block......

    I love all of this drama. And Frank in that damn carrot suit...priceless.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, predicting the final 4 .
    Frank, Dan, Brit and Shane.
    The way the noms and evictions turned out so far, with POV plays, it fits.


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