Saturday, August 25, 2012

The POV is Over #BB14

and I think Frank is dressed as a carrot. Britney says it is worse for him as the HOH.   Yes, he is in the carrot suit.  And it was How Bad Do You Want It...

Britney is going to be shackled for 24 hours to Danielle, I think.  Frank can't work out in the carrot suit, so he's not working out. He says that it is breezier and more comfortable then the Spiritard.

Frank wants to spend a lot of time in his room this week. Ian says he will be "drinking with a carrot for the first time tomorrow."  They say it was a cool competition and well thought out.  Ian thought it should be more hard core.

Dan has to be in a "party room" for 24 hours with loud music and no potty or anything.  Dan came out of the DR and told them he "can't talk to them."

Dan has a little cooler and the music in the Have Not Room is booming.  Dan says this is great and he spins a little on the turntables and says this is awesome.  The music is  kind of nice---and he has a party cake.  I'm jamming a little with the music.  There are flashing lights and everything.  Dan cuts himself a nice piece of cake and jams, eating it. He's been on slop for God's sake.

Outside the room they can hear the music and Dan talking and Jenn says OK Homey!   They say that Dan has a whole cake in there.

Frank:  A cake? That's tight!

OMG look at Frank in that fucking carrot costume.  Just scroll and watch.

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