Monday, August 20, 2012

The POV is Over #BB14

and Jenn Arroyo was nominated.  She is upbeat and is telling Ashley she is going to "keep doing dishes and will come up with a good speech".

Mike looks reflective.  Ian just came in and gave them a big song and dance about how sorry he was about it all.

Now Danielle is in the HOH saying that Jenn made a comment downstairs about not being able to trust anybody.

Danielle:  She is holed up in the arcade with Ashley right now.

Britney is going downstairs to talk to Jenn but Jenn passed her in the hallway on the way to the kitchen.   Jenn is making noise in the kitchen, acting like she is happy, and Britney asks to speak with her alone.

Frank and Mike whisper on Skid Row.  They know Mike is gone. 

Britney wants to tell Jenn that she is not the target this week. Then Britney's main concern seems to be to let Jenn know that she HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  And she didn't know who Shane was going to nominate!

OK Britney.  We believe you.

Jenn says that she is campaigning now, and wants to stay in the house.  Jenn doesn't know it, but she really needs this to get some camera time.   I'm sure Production needs to start featuring her more now, too, since it looks like she might be there for awhile.

Then Ian came into the Arcade and Jenn cursed and let him know that she was "fucking pissed".  She said that "Dan had obviously been throwing her under the bus."

Ashley went into Skid Row and gave Mike a hug, saying she was sorry her positive vibes didn't work for him this week.

She went upstairs to talk to Shane, and wanted to know "what the hell is going on".  Shane tells her that she is on the block because she represented a potential vote for Mike to stay.

She mentioned that she was upset about the rumors of Mike trading her, and she would not have voted for him anyway. Shane says he hopes she doesn't have to experience this herself---it is hard to have to nominate someone else, but she is obviously up against a much bigger target this week.

Jenn:  Pawns can go home, too!

Shane has yet another new doo today, gently tousled bangs, still with the upward swoop.

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