Monday, August 20, 2012

The POV Ceremony is Underway Now.... #BB14

At least, I think it is.  I just came home and turned on the feeds to see Frank making one more pitch to Shane.  Shane seemed receptive, but I've certainly seen him act that way and then turn around and tell Britney he just placated Froogie.  They were talking about Dan and his sneaky, evil ways.  Shane was not impressed by Dan's performance in the HOH a few days ago, when he wanted to speak with Mike and Britney alone, rather than the entire Silent Six.  That move made Dan look shady and Mike...well, less shady.

Will Shane nominate Dan in Frank's place?  Or Jenn, as expected....

While that conversation was happening, Jenn was telling Mike and a few others about her old job in Marketing at the Virgin Record Store in Manhattan.  Union Square,too, I think.  The big one.

She was talking about some boy band that said during their concert at Madison Square Garden to "come on by the Virgin Megastore tomorrow to see them".  That appearance had not been scheduled and thousands of kids showed up to see them.  Virgin had to close part of the store to cordon off the crowd.  Jenn indicate that the store would usually charge the record label (or somebody) to pay for store closures, security, etc.  They were all pissed.

I got the impression it was a kiddy band, and not N'Sync or Backstreet Boys, but I could be wrong.  Jenn said she worked for the record store for 5 years.

Then she started to say that the craziest crowd she saw while working there was for LL Cool Jay.

Mike Boogie:   LL Cool Jay?

***FISH*** for about 15 minutes now.

Will Dan be pissed?  Will Boogie give a scathing message to the house guests when evicted on Thursday?  Will Chef Joe be released into the general population instead of Mike?

I guess we'll know very soon...

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