Thursday, August 30, 2012

The House Guests Scramble #BB14

Right after Britney and Ian left Dan in the Arcade Room, Frank came in there and Dan told him all about it.  He told Frank not to worry, and Frank said he's not.

You can see from Dan's body language with Frank that he is a participant in this conversation, not just sitting there silently like he was when barraged with Britney and Ian, the Whisper Twins.

Frank told Dan that Britney and Ian approached Joe this morning, saying that Dan and Danielle were still working together, and that they both needed to be evicted.

Frank:  They're sayin' the same thing about you, that they said to you!

Meanwhile Britney is curling her hair.  Look on the bright side Britney---you get to meet Jeff tomorrow!

Then Danielle came in and Dan told her everything that Britney said.  He even told her that earlier when Danielle walked by and saw Ian and Britney talking to Dan, Britney said that she had to go "calm Danielle down".  Which is exactly what Britney said.

To her credit, Danielle is not upset by this, at least outwardly.  She listed a few lies that Britney just told her.

Shane and Joe meet.  Joe is very worried that Dan and Danielle might still be working together, or may join forces again.  Shane says he doesn't think that is the case.

Joe:  Are you positive?

Shane:  Well, no, I'm not positive....

(Dan's cheesy speech to Danielle at the Funeral was designed to create a fake rift between the two of them.)

Now Joe meets with Jenn in storage and tells her his suspicions.  Jenn calms him down, saying to just take a deep breath and relax, and get ready for the show tonight.  She has a great relationship with Joe and he listens and appreciates her kind words.

Meanwhile Danielle returns to the bathroom, where she and Britney chat about make up and other girl stuff. 

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