Sunday, August 5, 2012

The HOH Room, Starring Janelle #BB14

She comes in the room and says she couldn't nap because Joe was snoring so loudly.  They tell her that Mike was up there trying to save Frank and she laughs.

Janelle:  Does he still call you Sweet Cheeks?  Did you put a stop to that?

Danielle says that he called her that yesterday.

Britney:  We sent home the Playmate of the Year and kept Frank the Tank!

Now they talk about how Frank survived last week, and they couldn't believe that there were no evictions. 

Dan:  That was pretty weak.  You know, I'm not one to talk about Production...


Britney said that the double eviction shows are pure "nervous diarrhea" and says they should all prepare themselves for that.

They have so much candy.  Everyone is eating Twizzlers and other sweets.

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