Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stuff from Yesterday #BB14

I found these pictures that I meant to post yesterday. 

**Sorry**  There is a corporate tax deadline coming up and I am kind of in the weeds with a few of my clients.

In the following pictures, Ian had a conversation with Mike Boogie about a number of people. When Mike went home after eviction from BB2, he was surprised at how much he was hated by the fans, and reviled as villain.  He thinks it was the whole 'whigger' routine with his rapping and clothes.  He thinks that didn't go over well in Middle America.  After BB7, he was prepared for the backlash and didn't care.

Mike also said he "didn't get the whole Janelle thing" after watching BB6.  He didn't see why she was so beloved by America, but gives her props for winning a lot of competitions.

(Janelle's intro on BB6 featured her wearing lingerie and saying something about using men to get what she wants.  Personally I thought we were getting another Holly from BB5 and I didn't care for her.  But then I got a sense of how fierce and competitive she was, and that contrasted with the way she looks, and I think a star was born.  Janelle later said that she was uncomfortable with the filming of the intro but knew that was the type they were looking for.)

(I also remember watching the live feeds for BB7 and hearing Mike and Dr. Will say they were surprised by how dull and monotone Janelle was, and how devoid of personality she seemed. Mike tried to engage her in conversation several times and was surprised at how little he received in return from her, conversationally.  This was in the early weeks of the game.)

Where's your hat, Mike Boogie?  

This is Ashley, wearing the same clothes she wore on her date with Frank the night before.

I've said this before, but I think Danielle is much more attractive without that heavy pancake makeup.  Her hair is gorgeous, and she has that 'Ashley Judd' thing going for her.  Yes, she has blemishes on her forehead, but that heavy make up isn't helping that.  She could use a lighter touch with Bare Minerals or Pur and would look much fresher and more natural.

I think I snapped this picture because of all of the bikinis hanging on the bar to Ian's right. That is a lot of used swimwear for a 21-year-old virgin to stand next to.

Ian rocked all afternoon in the hammock.  I know, shocker.

 Several fish have died, and are hanging out in the bottom of the fish tank.  Danielle wanted to see them so Frank showed her.   I have personally watched them feed the fish several times in one day, so maybe that is part of the problem.  Production likely has a contract with someone to maintain the tank, since it appears to be a salt water tank.

Ashley came up to the HOH and had a little conversation with Danielle and Frank.  I think there were some sparks flying, but Danielle didn't catch that.  She stayed right there until Ashley left, and left with her.  I think Danielle is jealous of the attention Ashley is suddenly getting.  Danielle no likey, I think.  Ashley looked very pretty yesterday, right?

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