Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still Spinning #BB14

On the sidelines Dan has started talking, as even he lays on his side.

Dan:  I was hoping we could sit down.

Jenn:  Yeah, I thought that was a seat at first.

Joe:  Well, that wouldn't help me with my big booty.

I think Joe's punishment had something to do with a hula hoop.  I don't know how long he needs to do it.

That background is the coolest ever. 

Ian tells Shane he sure could use that bathroom tonight, to "get one in".

Shane says me too!

Ian points out that the earth in the backdrop is about four times the size of Saturn.  Ian asks if they know what the rings of Saturn are made of?  Turns out it is ice and dust particles.

All of a sudden Ian is the most interesting people in the world now, right?

Danielle called out to Shane and said she couldn't look over at him because she'll get sick.  He says that's okay.  I think Danielle is the only person there who doesn't need to worry about getting nominated, no matter which guy wins.

Frank has the song Round and Round by Ratt in his head.  Ian has that song That's Not My Name in his head and Jenn approves.  He should hear that band live, she says.

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