Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still No Hint #BB14

of who won the POV.  That right there kind of indicates that neither Mike nor Frank may have won.  They are way too calm and quiet.  They are talking about Frank's coffee and tea drinking habits, and Mike says that he is bored in there.

Franks likes to drink rum and coconut water, with a splash of pineapple juice.  (yum)  Mike would like that with lots of ice.   Frank talks about some sort of "Apple Pie Juice" that someone made for him for Christmas, with Everclear (that is grain alcohol!) that was delicious, and he sipped his out of the Mason jar it came in.  (that is hardcore)

Ian and Danielle play on at the pool table.  Where is Dan, Shane and Britney?

Frank is babbling about some movie and Mike looks a thousand miles away.  Ashley is laying there and contributing from time to time.

Frank goes over to help with the pool table.  Frank asks Danielle to please watch his toes.  Frank can smell a cook-out somewhere in the distance.


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