Friday, August 10, 2012

Some Will Have Not.... #BB14

The team who lost the competition and will be Have Nots are Britney, Shane, Joe and Danielle.

Sounds like there was a controversy when the house guests grabbed bandanas in the living room to choose players.

Danielle claims Ian grabbed the green bandana right out of her hand, keeping her from being on the winning team with Dan.  She is also claiming he shoved her into the coffee table while grabbing for the bandana.

If this is true, I like Ian getting physical like that. I hope BB shows us that on next Wednesday's show.

At the present moment, Wil is meeting with Frank in the HOH.  The tone of the conversation is nice, but that is primarily due to Frank's friendly speaking style.  (Even when arguing with Willie, Frank still had a smile in his voice.)   I'm not sure Wil is helping himself with this conversation.

Wil's tone just sounds argumentative, and as they wrap up he said he didn't really have a plan for this conversation, and he didn't mean to make digs at the fact that Frank and Mike are working together.  (Wil made a comment outside that Mike was running Frank's HOH.)

Frank:  Mike and I have kind of a good cop, bad cop thing going.  Sometimes he says the really tough things for me so he talks a lot, but that makes me nicer sometimes to make up for him.

They hugged at the end and Wil left.  Frank snacked on his pretzel M and M's.

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