Monday, August 6, 2012

Shane Makes a Point #BB14

Danielle is in the HOH, eating a bowl of Froot Loops and discussing the morning's events with Shane.  Shane is proud of Danielle and knows that took a lot of guts today.

Shane:  It sucks to use the POV.  Now imagine this...imagine that this week both Janelle and Frank get to stay this week, and both of them are coming after you.  That's how I felt last week.  It sucked.

BB warns Shane to stop talking about Production.

Danielle is certain that Janelle is going to be very angry and take some sort of action against her.    

Janelle thinks that there were closeups of her face during the ceremony and she was all puffy, with no makeup.  Wil just came into the Arcade with Janelle and Joe and sat there in silence, making a few comments here and there.  Janelle asked if she had his vote, and he started counting fingers and people.  He didn't answer, really.

After he left Janelle asked Joe if he thinks Wil will vote for him.  Joe says no, he doesn't buy Wil's act. 

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