Friday, August 17, 2012

Shane: I Don't Want to See a Coach Win This Game #BB14

He is talking to Joe in the HOH suite.   He's going to wipe that smirk right off Mike Boogie's face today with his nominations.  I think he may nominate Dan, too.  He's going to tell them to try hard to win the POV.  Or maybe Frank and Mike...anyway...

Shane:  Even if one of them wins the POV, we still control the votes.

Joe says to keep an eye on Jenn, and watch what he tells her.  He thinks she goes right back to Mike with info.

You can see the picture of Shane's bulldog in the background.  I think this is the dog he lost but loves so much.

Joe says that he told Ashley this morning that if she is safe this week, she needs to protect Shane for one week.  He made it clear that she needed to "pick a fucking side, and stick with it".  He told her "this is not fucking Janelle---you need to be loyal now."


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