Friday, August 31, 2012

Shane Has Blisters #BB14

on his hands and Danielle wants him to just sit down for a minute so she can look at them.

His hands really hurt and he just squeezes them in that towel.

Jenn is sure she's being nominated, she murmurs to Joe.  Joe has to hula hoop for one minute every hour on the hour, when he hears boot camp military music.

Shane is taking a shower and shampooing.  I can't imagine that feels good.  Danielle tells Shane she threw up twice.  She's going to shower next but she tells him to take his time.


  1. Seriously, I just read all your postings. We had the NFL here last night. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! and I knew that I could go to this site and get great commentary. Thank you. BTW, I know that a lot of folks are not crazy about Britney, but I have always been a Britney fan. Not because I think she is a great player but because she is witty to me. She did a good job on her goodbye. Thank you so much for the fantastic postings!

  2. I totally miss Britney. The season already feels like it is over.

    It is totally bittersweet to finally have Ian in the HOH room without Britney there to enjoy it with him.


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