Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scenes From Yesterday - Joe Bakes Slop Cookies #BB14

I realized this morning that I never posted some pictures I took yesterday of the house guests and their various activities.

Better late than never, I guess.

Yesterday afternoon, Frank cleaned out his stash of beers and drank them all.  He and Ian had planned an afternoon together of "day drinking" this week but that all fell apart on Monday when Jenn used the POV.  Ian proceeded to drink his beers alone that day, yelling that Frank could "fucking forget about the daytime drinking".  (You can see a little of that hot mess here.)

 Anyhoo, Frank got a little buzzed yesterday and saw a plate of slop cookies out on the kitchen counter.  He started eating.  And eating.  And eating.  Yadda yadda yadda the cookies were gone.  He apologized to Jenn, who is a Have Not for the rest of the season.  She said she understood, if she could have a few beers and some of those delicious cookies she would have done it, too.  So Joe baked some more slop cookies for her.

It looks to me that Joe might be putting some contraband in those cookies.  I didn't watch his entire process (like an Eagle Eye, if you will) so I don't know, but that kind of looks like a grated apple to me.  Is that part of the slop diet?  I know the houseguests have learned that it is better not to ask permission about stuff like just do it.

The cookies don't look particularly tasty, but I'm sure they are.   I watched Frank plow through those cookies on BBAD, and I trust Frank's taste judgement.  He's a Foodie.

Shane stayed in bed all day yesterday.  That was his plan, to sleep the day away.  Frank said maybe he was depressed about the choice he had to make this week between Britney and Danielle.  Joe came in and whispered with him. It must not have been very exciting, because I don't remember a word Joe said.

Jenn laid out in the sun.  I have to say that since Jenn won that POV, she's been a different person in the house.   I think she feels like she is a part of things right now.  I thought she was an idiot to try and win the POV when she wasn't even at risk this week, but now Dan is indebted to her, and to Frank.  I'm sure Production was thrilled.  They needed to give her more TV time but had nothing to go on.

FYI, I heard Dan tell the cameras and the live feeders that he does intend to stick with Frank and Jenn for the rest of the game.  He may have had his fingers crossed though.  Father Dan lies.

But anyway Jenn is on slop and protein shakes, and is actually quite chatty with everyone.  I think Jenn could lose 10 - 15 pounds if she stays in the game and on this diet.  And that would make a world of difference in her appearance.  I watched some old videos on YouTube yesterday of Jenn rocking out on stage and she looked skinny.  Skinny's good.  It's a good thing.

 Danielle has a faceful of Crazy in this picture, doesn't she?

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  1. Live feeds from Thurs, Aug 30 Jenn is eating burgers. Are they slop burgers or is she breaking rules?


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