Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scenes From Yesterday - HOH Picture Time #BB14

I realized this morning that I never posted some pictures I took yesterday of the house guests and their various activities.

Better late than never, I guess.

Yesterday was HOH picture day, and everyone was pretty unenthused about it.  Shane had to get out of bed, and Britney bitched and moaned like there was no tomorrow.   She DID NOT want to participate and was very loud about it.

Jenn, however, was excited.  You can see her in the upper left corner below, taking a picture with Jodi. 

And then she posed holding the POV necklace and a bucket of slop..  She's sporting a pink towel around her waist.  Jenn's not prissy about picture time preparation.  She just goes for it.

They wanted to get a group shot, so Danielle lined up the camera by putting it on a cannister of Muscle Milk and set the timer.  I like the way the BB cameras showed us her camera shot.  Danielle had 10 seconds to rush over and get in the picture.  It worked.  All of the dudes are topless in the photo.

This next picture was Father Dan's idea.  He wanted to pose as if he was putting a knife to Danielle's neck.  She acted upset about it, which is part of their Big Plan.  To act as if they are no longer working together.

Jenn and Danielle took a smiley picture together.  You can see that Danielle knows how to use her hair in a photo session, sweeping it over her shoulder.  (Janelle was famous for that too.)  You can also see Dan in his nasty dirty shorts in the upper right corner here.  Frank asked Dan if he wears any underwear under the shorts and Dan said no.  Seriously, how skeevy is that?  Dan is constantly wearing a pair of shorts he wore nearly everyday during BB10 that have NEVER BEEN WASHED.  And he's sitting on the furniture, and perching on the beds.  That is just effing nasty.

Frank wanted to pose in his carrot costume with Ted, who is still sporting his Spiritard.  I can't imagine how much Frank would be able to sell Ted for on Ebay if he wins this game.  The thing about Frank is, I don't think he would do that.  He'd keep Ted, I think, not just as a souvenir but a part of the family.

 I think Frank looks like a serial killer in this picture.  (Attack of the Killer Carrot.)  Watch Copycat with Harry Connick Junior and see if you agree with me.  That movie also features Holly Hunter, Dermot Mulroney and Sigourney Weaver.  It's a good one.

 Now they urge Frank to put his Carrot Top on Ted.  He does.  It's a good photo.  Afterwards Frank said Ted couldn't wait to get that hat off of his little head.

Because Britney was so vocal about not wanting to participate, the house guests who wanted a picture with her had to approach her and ask permission, like she was a celebrity or something.  She even fake smiled like she really meant it.  She also took pictures with Jenn and Danielle.   Frank continues to look deranged and scary.

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