Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scenes From Yesterday - Britney's Tantrum #BB14

I realized this morning that I never posted some pictures I took yesterday of the house guests and their various activities.

Better late than never, I guess.

Britney was very upset about her situation, but I think she has tried to remain in control emotionally.  Suddenly yesterday she said she wanted to throw some things around.  So she plucked some items out of the pantry and started throwing them.

Frank yelled:  Hey!  That's my stuff!  That's my almond butter!

She was muttering to herself that she couldn't throw certain items, because they would break, I guess.  BB yelled at her to Stop That several times.

I couldn't see Frank, but I could hear him yelling.  He suggested she throw an empty gallon jug that was on the counter.  She did that.  A few times.

Big Brother's not happy about that, either. 

Frank: You know who can take a punch, don't you?  Ted can.  But don't hit him in the face though. 

Britney goes to the living room where poor Ted is sitting innocently.  She starts throwing Ted, and punching and kicking him too.  At one point Frank yells, "Aww! You got him right in the Gooch!"  (what is "the gooch"?)

Britney has talked all summer about how she can't wait to be a mom.  She has also talked incessently about one of her favorite TV shows, Teen Moms.

Here she is, choking Ted out, right there on the living room floor.

 Then she straightens Teds shirt, telling him everything will be alright.  Just like a real mom.

Poor Ted.  He tries to maintain a pleasant look, but you can see the pain in his eyes.

Britney is spent, and is sweating and breathing hard.  If you would have told me 4 weeks ago that I would be rooting for Danielle to stay in the house and send Britney home, I would have thought you were a Big Crazy.  Is it Thursday yet?


  1. Rooting for Danielle to stay, say it ain't so!! Britney was just letting off some steam! She's been blindsided and up against her best friend in the house (although she said Ian is her favorite?) and she's stressed out about losing again. I know people say she's mean sometimes but she cracks me up. I think Shane would be wise to get rid of Danielle this week.

    By the way, yours is my favorite BB blog. I love your summaries with just the right level of detail and your commentary is enjoyable as well. Your blog keeps me sane at work although makes me not so productive. Anyway, wanted to say thanks for keeping me informed about the houseguests!

  2. Thanks Stephanie. I wish I was productive during the day...

    Britney is going to lose her shit when she discovers Danielle was in on the whole deal with Jenn using the POV.

    I think footage of her with Ashley in the jury house will be pretty funny.

  3. Am I crazy, or has Britney given up? Why is she not working Shane & Joe? Even Boogie worked Joe right up until the end. She is in serious need of some diary room motivation. Pathetic.

  4. Britney is pure entertainment, whereas Danielle is usually just plain annoying. I sure hope that Joe and Frank get wind of the fact that Danielle is potentially going to be working against them for the rest of the season.

  5. This season had some of the most morning houseguests ever. Next season better be a whole new cast. We need fresh blood. The best seasons of bb were fresh blood! 3,6,8,12


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