Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scenes From Janelle's Afternoon #BB14

Because it really should be all about her for the next two days, right?

Janelle described all of her wedding outfits for Wil.  It sounded like she changed a few times during the event. 

The dress had diamond-type trim across the top of her chest.

 She had a shoulder-length veil that she described as Barbie Doll, and I think a tiara for the reception.


Wil looks pissed in the picture but was engaged in the conversation.  Janelle is storing all of her dresses in a closet and they take up a lot of room.  Wil gave her some advice on storing them.  Janelle doubts that Violet will want to wear one of her wedding dresses, but says maybe she will take pieces of them to make her own wedding gown.

Janelle talked to Dan in the Arcade room and said Shane promised to vote for her.  Dan said if Shane really was going to, he would to.  Dan didn't "have time to discuss the vote with Britney or Danielle" yet.  I can't tell if Janelle really believed him or not.  (I hope not.)  Dan went right outside and told Mike that Janelle wants to know.

Dan:  Why?  Why does she want to know?

Mike:  Well, I guess she didn't care when she was scumbagging me...I mean, when she TRIED to scumbag me! 

Mike reminded Dan that you can't tell people who you are voting for, but Dan said he wanted to tell her as a Coaches consideration, or something like that.

Janelle laid outside and chatted with Ian and Britney.  This might be her last day outside of the BB house, if the backyard is locked down tomorrow.


Maybe we will get to see Violet on the live show. I'm hoping we will get to hear commentary from Janelle throughout the rest of the season.  It wasn't supposed to end this way.


  1. There are images online of her wedding. Also, there is some evidence that she sold her wedding gown on eBay.

  2. How did you^ find the Ebay info? I kinda wanna see the dress and the price.

  3. here it is:


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