Monday, August 6, 2012

Scenes from the House #BB14

It is very hot outside.  The house guests plan to hang around the pool.  Ashley put sunscreen all over her face twice. 

Wil stood in the kitchen and slathered himself with sunscreen.  He then sat in the shade for a few minutes to allow it to soak in. 

Janelle put all of her make up on and is brushing her teeth.  She just went into the DR for a very short session and is headed outside, too.

Ian resembles Alfalfa today.  Right?

Britney went in the house and got a glass of tea with ice.  Then she walked around the entire house, looking for someone.  You could hear the ice in her glass clinking, and her flip flops slapping.  She even went upstairs and stood at the door before coming back downstairs.

Britney has been telling everyone that she doesn't want to be alone with Janelle because when Janelle starts "going around the house and telling lies" she doesn't want people to think that she was involved.

She asked Wil to come talk to her.  She quickly told him that Janelle said she thought Wil had turned on her.   She said she was shocked at the POV today, and didn't know anything about it.  She wants Wil to know that if Janelle corners him, she has his back and is willing to sit there and support him.

Britney talks to us for a moment.  She says Danielle is "freaking out" and that she is very brave to have done that to Janelle today.  She thinks she will either look back on this as a great move, or her worst one.  She hopes it is a good one.

It makes her sick to think of Boogie and Frank in the DR together, celebrating and laughing.

Janelle came over to chat.  Britney still claims she knew nothing, and that "they" probably didn't tell her because they knew she would tell Janelle.  Britney says she knew something was up, and Janelle agreed.

Britney asked if she was upset.  She said no, but she was very surprised.  She talked about Wil for a moment, and doubts he will vote for her.  She knows that Wil has been disloyal to her in the past.

Janelle:  Oh well.  If I leave this week I get paid the same amount, so send me home.

Britney:  Yeah..

Janelle:  Whether I go home now, or 5 weeks from now, it's the same amount of money.


Janelle:  Oh my god my boobs are huge.  Are you sure they're not as big as Rachel's?

Britney:  Probably the same size.  Her's are huge.

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