Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scenes From the Backyard & Real Housewives Conversation #BB14

A lazy day of sun and chatter outside.


Wil has gotten his groove back and is laughing and being fabulous again.  This is very important if he  wants to have a prayer of staying in that house.    He gets his own camera as he uses the backyard as his runway.

This is a different angle that we don' t see very often. In the next few shots you can see the new awning that was installed this week.  They set it up for a competition but I think they are keeping it because the sun has been so hot out there.

Britney just reciting the opening statements for each Orange County Housewives without prompting.  I can't remember them now, but Britney got them word for word and Wil was giggling. 

Mike:  Why don't they have a version in Vegas?  You know there are a lot of tragic people they can feature on that.

Britney mentions Janelle's friend who is going to be a Miami Housewife. (Joanna Krupa.)

Mike starts talking about Countess LuAnn's song Money Can't Buy You Class and tells a story about seeing her in Vegas and rolling down the car window to sing the song to her.  

FISH in the middle of that.

When we come back Mike is still talking about it.  Now they discuss how rich Bethenny Frankel is and we get interrupted by FISH frequently.

Mike said he reads  Food & Beverage magazine and says he laughs when he reads the stories of how rich she is.  The deal to sell Skinny Girl was $120 million, but Bethenny only got about $15 million.  Mike explains that she didn't put a penny into the brand herself---she had a lot of investors who got paid, too.  He gives her props, but says it's not like the papers say.

Britney met Bethenny Frankel's husband Jason in New York.  He is a pharmaceutical sales rep, too, and they called on the same doctors.  He sells an HIV drug, she says. 

Mike's friend dated Taylor from RHOBH before she hooked up with Russell, and before her lip implants.  Mike said that Russell was one of the guys behind the Playboy TV show that just failed in the past year.  Wil says that Russell financed a number of Lifetime movies.

They discuss Camille Grammar and how loaded she is now. Mike says that the show Boss that Kelsey Grammer stars on now is so good.  (I've heard that too.)  Mike says that Kelsey was a "major rager" back in the Cheers days, dating strippers and partying.

Dan and Britney sing On Display by Melissa Gorga and we get FISH.

Dan's friend Kristin is going to be on Lisa Vanderpump's spin off show Sur.  Mike's friend is involved with the restaurant somehow.

Britney asked Mike if he's been to Villa Blanca and he says not, not his style.  They asked why and he said it was too "Chi Chi Beverly Hills".  Dan said that when he went to LA for Memphis' wedding with his wife Chelsea, she wanted to go to Villa Blanca.

Dan:  It's not what you think.

Mike:  What, a tourist trap?

Dan:  No, it's not too bad.  The prices are like $15 or $20 dollars.

Now Wil keeps going "Chi Chi Chi" like the Vanderpump wedding planner.  He is very good at it.  Now Mike says the "gay guy who worked for Lisa" also worked for him at the restaurant.  Wil got very excited--he thought it was the Chi Chi Chi guy but it turns out it was the personal assistant that lived with Lisa who got fired.  When he left Villa Blanca he went to work for Mike for about a month.

Now Wil's new line is "Chi Chi Chi Chi Beverly Hills", with the hand movements.  It's funny.

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  1. I didn't understand a word of this, not you. I would never pass the meaningless-cultural-literacy test for BB contestants.


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