Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Please STOP Talking About Production: #BB14

Frank remembers Britney from the BB12 sequester process.  They sat at the same table and she remembers he had on a black and red patterned shirt.

Both Frank and Britney remember seeing Rachel during sequester.  Frank said that he and Britney were on the same schedule for time at the pool, meals, meetings, etc.  He said last year there seemed to be more people going through the process for BB13.

They discuss a guy with the big stretched earlobes.  Frank saw Wil the very first night, but he saw him from behind with the hair and boots.  He thought Wil was a girl and they laugh about it.

Both Frank and Britney remember seeing Annie from BB12 with blonde hair, Britney's color.  BB made her change her natural hair color to brown for the show.

After Dan wrote his book about how to get on Reality TV, he was contacted by a few people who say they were in sequester with him for BB10.  One person sent him a picture they took from the balcony of their hotel, way up high, that showed Dan down at the pool.  Dan thought that was strange. Frank said that wasn't allowed--you weren't supposed to have your phone or a camera.

Britney told Production before the show that she knew who all of the coaches were going to be, and named them but they wouldn't confirm.  She started to tell us why she knew that Janelle would be there, and we went to FISH.

This is Frank's breakfast you see in the pictures below.  He does a great job with his omelet.  It's all neat and tidy.  Props.

FYI Danielle has been obsessing about America seeing her big love scene with Shane on tonight's CBS show.  You know, the passionless peck he gave her while playing Spin the Bottle.

I'll bet CBS will make it into a big freaking deal, right?

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