Friday, August 31, 2012

Pandora's Box AGAIN! #BB14

and somehow it involved Jessie Godderz coming in the house again.  Jessie took all of their junk foods and booze.  I'm not sure what Ian got---I just came home and turned on the feeds.

They also have a tiny dining table as you can see, and they say the house is a mess.  There are a lot of things on the kitchen floor.  Jenn is trying to organize a cleaning process to get everything back in order.  She's mad that Jessie took her Lactaid milk---she begged him not to take it since she can't drink milk and needs it for her protein shakes, but he took it anyway. (I'm sure she'll get that back at some point.)

Supposedly Jessie made Dan take his shirt off, and hit on Danielle.  They are complaining about the food Jessie left--organic foods.  Looks like there is a new hammock in the backyard---maybe that was part of Ian's reward from Pandora?  He said there was a Christmas tree with different presents--I think he had to select a few for himself.

Joe:  He poured out my fucking iced tea!  Fucking dick weed!

Shane is so pissed because he has been hording his beers to catch a good buzz. And now they are gone.

Dan and Frank grumbled about the upcoming nominations in the Boom Boom Room.  Dan told them that during BB10, if there was any sliver of conflict in the house, he would amplify it and put it out in the open to create more stress and conflict.

I think Frank is finished wearing his Carrot Costume.   I think Jessie made fun of Frank's body hair and Frank told him that he was a lumberjack.  Jessie said, "you are?"

 Look at this pigsty they live in.

The trumpet sound goes off, indicating it is time for Joe to start hula hooping.  He picks it up and tries to get it started. After doing this all night, Joe hasn't learned much about it.  He can't get it going around his waist for more than one rotation.  He has no idea about the required hip motions.

 He ended up rotating it on his arm and they all agreed that was a form of hula hooping.  Jenn was humming and tapping along with the trumpet---it's a form of music, I guess.

Ian also got a telescope and he is going to put it together later


  1. I am addicted to this show but it really stresses me out; first I hear the DR sessions are scripted, so when I see them now everything seems so fake, and now EVERYone is getting a Pandora's Box? Two in a row, do you ever remember that happening before?

  2. This Pandora's Box didn't change the game---it was just a prize for Ian and a punishment for the house.

    The ones that are shady are the ones that change the game, like the one that saved Rachel's butt last year when they were down to the final six.


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