Friday, August 24, 2012

Pandora Blew Through Town #BB14

and has left some sort of mess.

Ian won a POV and Frank tells him not to feel bad---Ian needed to win it so Dan can't win it.  It was a ball that said POV on it. He can use it to save someone if he would like to.

Frank:  And we need that, right?

Danielle is very upset and is talking to Dan in the Arcade.  I think Frank won $3,000.  Britney came in and congratulated Frank.

How awkward is this hug?  Looks like she is being gently assaulted.


Frank hugs Ian and he is babbling.  At one point Ian says "you do you" and Frank says, "I thought we were working together!"

Ian:  Well, I'm easily influenced, and I get flustered when I have to make decisions.  So you do what is best for you and I'll try.

You can see the dawning realization on  Frank's face.  He is alone in that house.

So Frank opened Pandora's Box but we don't know yet what he got---it was something bad, since it was good for the house.  They had to run around and find quarters and use them for prizes.  They had an hour to search.  Ian lied about it and somehow screwed Dan over. He won a POV---maybe the only POV this week.

Danielle only found 1 or 2 quarters.  Jenn really wanted to win this one.  Shane dumped out the bathroom trash can to find quarters and is now tasked with picking everything up.  I can't imagine the filth he had to touch in the process.  At least he wore gloves.


Dan yelled at Ian "I'll rat your ass out!" and now he is worried that Joe or Jenn would figure out what that meant.

I wonder what was in Pandora's Box?

Dan is laughing that they have a shot now....because Ian is holding the POV.

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  1. "Jenn really wanted to win this one". Don't you wish you had a dollar for everytime she said that?


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