Thursday, August 2, 2012

One More Down #BB14

and Joe gives in as Frank yells that they are eating pizza already.  It looks liek Joe had to swim to shore, huh?  No, it is like a kiddie pool.

I don't see pizza, just towels and the three of them gathering to watch the show.

You can hear the boat creak as it rocks back and forth.  Mike mutters that this favors lighter people, and Shane's name comes up.  Joe tells Mike somthing about Shane (he was next to him) and Mike says "oh really?" and we get FISH.

Mike says Ian asked him how many hours Mike had left. 

Mike:  I said, not even one, and he said ten. 

Mike and Jenn don't talk.  Jenn's pissed.  Britney is jogging in place.  I know she's cold and I predict her fall won't take long.

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