Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Big Happy Family #BB14

They are having salad and pasta.   I just watched Joe load up a platter with chicken and fish and touch everything, picking up small bits with his fingers and tasting it.

Why, there are Joe's hands on the food right there.

Frank laid low today.  Mike Boogie told the backyard group that Frank was getting bummed about having to wear the Spiritard.  It's hot and too tight for him.  

Janelle ponders the array of Wishbone salad dressings Big Brother has provided for her.

 Britney is starting to regret the Janelle backdoor situation.  A tiny opening, but an opening nonetheless.  What in the world is that blue thing around her neck?

Mike Boogie had an episode the other day when there was no hot sauce in the storage room.  I guess someone scurried over to Ralph's to pick up a bottle to keep him happy.

In the picture below, Janelle wanted the green shaker of parmesan cheese.  She asked Shane to slide it across the table, and he did.  Janelle giggled and thanked Shane.

Danielle didn't like that.


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  2. Oh god , Danielle is a pyscho!!! Are we watching elementary school big brother?! Give it a rest, I hope shane hooks up with Ashley:). Danielle doesn't own Shane and she needs to take a hint holy stalker much?! I can't even watch Danielle anymore and the show is making her seem like this sweet southern belle! I hope she goes home next week, and I hope Shane or Dan stab her in the back! She lies way too much about stupid things and I'm over her drama

  3. I am sick about Janelle leaving, but watching Danielle get her big Come Down is going to make the summer great.

    And imagine her surprise when she goes online and googles her own name!

    Ha ha ha ha.


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