Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh No...The F*cking Zingbot! #BB14

  The Zingbot just came down the DR hallway and everyone stood around in horror.  He started talking, "House guests...." and we went to TRIVIA for the POV.

I hope he really slams Danielle hard so we can hear her cry about it later.


  1. What is your deal with Danielle, Janelle is fatter than her but you keep on hating, she is normal sized not fat, stop the hating.

  2. FYI, I don't think he is "hating" because she is fat, it's because she's crazy :-) I really think she might have a personality disorder.

  3. Then say crazy and not fat, they are two different things. Fat is fat and crazy is crazy the two do not belong together. That is all I am saying and BTW read the previous posts clearly some one is being very judgmental...It makes one wonder why some one is so judgmental or jealous...I'm just saying.

  4. Oh and might I add I am less than 100 lbs and will gladly prove it, and she is not fat crazy maybe but fat no, you can't crack a walnut with your butt if you are fat, go Dani, go!!!

  5. Wow anonymous are you Danielle's Mom or something?? Calm down.

  6. OK. Let me make a few things perfectly clear.

    1. This is my website and I can have whatever judgements and opinions I want to have. I have no duty to be fair and equitable to anyone.

    2. If you don't like what I have to say, then you shouldn't be here. There are PLENTY of other places you can go to get your Big Brother news.

    3. Did I even say Danielle was fat in this post? No, I didn't. You might want to read more slowly and sound it out next time for increased comprehension.

    4. The problem with Anonymous comments is that we can't tell who is saying what. FYI I can choose to disallow ALL comments, or I can disallow ONLY Anonymous comments, or I can PRESCREEN all comments before posting them. I can even DELETE any comment I wish to delete. So far I am just deleting spam comments--most about the DISH Hopper, or some crap like that.

    5. Having said that, I like to see comments. So you can all feel free to comment whenever you'd like. Right now, anyway. The Crazy only ramps up from here, trust me. It will only get worse as the game gets more intense.

    6. And now that Anonymous mentions it, Danielle may not be considered obese now, but I think she is definitely in Fat's Waiting Room. She is pear shaped and will have to fight hard to keep her weight down the rest of her life. It's genetic. I just watched Danielle play charades, and for someone that young to have jiggley upper arm's not going to be easy for her.

    7. And I wouldn't have said that unless you brought that up her weight Anonymous. I am curious as to how you would "prove" you are under 100 pounds. What an odd statement to make. None of this is about you or how much you weigh, Anonymous.

    8. Unless you are Danielle's mother as Tmama suggests above. Then I guess it is about you, indirectly.

    Thank you everyone,and let's carry on!

  7. feedwatcher...just ignore the lunacy from the previoys commenter. it was one of dumpy danieles personalities. I believe it was number 4. and she brings all of it on herself. EVERYTHING. there's an article out from a former friend sorority sister if dumpy danielle. basically proving all of her lies and her psychological issues. normally id have compassion for someone like that...however once u habitually lie about everything and seek attention like she does. I have no compassion. im not even a janelle fan...but she really f'd up by constantly bashing her and lying about her. im looking forward to her having to face the music. if u have 4-6 people who know dumpy personally and all say the same things.....its a trend. she's a clown and liar and she will get what she deserves. by the way I weigh 190 lbs but ima dude. and I worry more about her legs than her gramma bingo arms. nastiest legs I've ever seen.

  8. Danielle is definitely a looney tune. She should be kept on slop for the rest of the summer. Who knows, maybe she will lose some weight! If she's so worried about being fat, perhaps she should work out and stop eating!!! Also, Danielle Shane DOES NOT like you!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow, Anonymous, look who's hating and judging now: "...Janelle is fatter than her..."

    Hypocrisy is not attractive on you. Think before you type.

    And BTW, since you brought it up, if in fact Janelle is 'fatter' than Danielle conider the fact that Janelle is only months post pregnancy. I can't think of a better cause for having a few extra pounds.

  10. Stop ripping on Danielle. Saying she's fat and ugly. Ur probably just jealous.

  11. Who said she's ugly?! You're just as psychotic as Danielle with her story telling!!!

  12. This is a show about gameplay. Who cares about anyone's weight. That has nothing to do with how they play.she did just fine and beat out a 90 pound Brittany for head of household . Weight has no reason to be in any topic with big brother. What are you guys kids grow up and learn the big brother game