Sunday, August 5, 2012

Now they Think They Shouldn't.... #BB14

After Mike leaves they have a chat about his proposal, and they weigh their options.  Britney sounds like she is leaning towards evicting Frank, and gives some good reasons for that.  She realizes that Mike isn't offering to work with them, he is offering to work with them if they save his player Frank.

She tells the story of the lies he and Dr. Will told both Erika and Janelle they would give them $100K of the prize money.  Erika and Janelle finally talked about it, and figured out the lie.  She claims Mike will offer to give you money, a job at Geisha House, the use of his Vegas condo....anything to get you to do what he wants.

Shane is easily swayed by Britney's arguments, and I think Dan is also thinking Frank should leave.  

(I think Dan and Britney are both thinking of the Coach's Alliance...)

Ian is going to come upstairs to the HOH when his dog costume stint is over to take a bath and they will bounce some ideas off him. 

Dan thinks Mike will hold it against him if they don't carry out Mike's plan.

Britney: He's a really smooth talker, and you want to believe what he's selling you.  He's smoother than you think he is...

Dan thinks Mike won't have anywhere else to go after Frank leaves, so they can work with them then.

Now Dan tells the group that Mike and Frank have been doing DR sessions together, and Britney is the only one who knows what this means.  Shane and Danielle didn't watch BB7, so they don't know about the Chilltown phone calls.  (Brrrrrrrrring!)

Dan is trying to to tell them that he thinks Production has a TV story comparing Frank and Mike to Chilltown, except he is interrupted by FISH several times.  Dan saw them going in there together and one of them made a smart comment to Dan about it.  This has been scaring Dan about the two of them for weeks.

Britney can't believe they've been doing it.  Dan asks them to keep that to themselves.

Danielle says she's not going to change the nominations then.  She won't use the POV.  Of course she could change her mind again, but she gas until late tomorrow to change it.

I'm sure AGP would hate to lose Frank, but they can't afford to lose Janelle this early.  She's the star of the show!

They can always have a competition later to bring back Frank, since the rumor is that JoJo and Kara are still in sequester.  You know, maybe who can lift the heaviest weight or something like that.


  1. karas not in sequester she was tweeting earlier this week

  2. Thanks Travis. Reality BBQ sent a tweet in past few days that said Kara and JoJo hadn't been released yet, but maybe that's old news.

    One thing we don't need is more people in that house....


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