Friday, August 3, 2012

Nominations Today #BB14

and it sounds like Danielle has decided to nominate Frank and Wil.  She is talking to Dan about it, and she seems certain.

Danielle:  Now that somebody ratted me out, and all of my cards are on the table, instead of everybody thinkin' I'm just a physical threat, they're going to know I'm a frickin' genius!  It's game on with twelve people...

(Yes, Danielle is a frickin' genius.  That is exactly what I was thinking.)

Is she really not going to nominate a Coach?

She wants Dan to go get Ian on the sly and have him go upstairs to talk to her.  Then she wants Britney and Shane to come up so that they can all meet.  Dan is wearing a green towel.

You can see Wil running to and fro in the backyard.

Outside Mike is talking to Britney and she is going around in circles trying to talk her way out of her troubles.  She admits that she wasn't a 100% perfect person last week, then she turns it around on Mike and accuses him of working with Janelle.

He denies that, and says he doesn't sneak around the house about anything.  He talks to people straight to their face. 

Now Mike is complaining about the way the season has been handled--he's not happy to be forced to play in the game.

TRIVIA.  Maybe due to Mike's mouth, maybe for the nominations.

No, it's Mike's mouth.  He goes on that he left his son, coming in under the pretense of being a Coach and now this.    He mentioned fans going on Facebook and voting to ruin his summer.  He and Frank are also angry with Dan, and say they would like an apology.  Britney is happy that they are mad at somebody besides her.

Frank: We feel like we're owed an apology.

Mike:  Yeah.  I'd like an apology before I have no key.  And I'd like everybody to know that I'm not in cahoots with anybody but him (Frank).

Now Ian arrives in the HOH and Danielle gets right to it.  She has a lot of respect for Ian and would love to work with him.  Ian says he is concerned that there are five of them, and he would be the odd man out.  And he would feel bad when it got back to Mike and Boogie, but he acknowledges it is a new game.

Ian is taking a bath tonight after nominations and he feels that "everyone knows that".  He thinks that would be s a perfect time to talk and repeats all this twice.  (What?)

She hammers Ian and I think she got an agreement from him, warning him not to go back on his word.  He leaves and as soon as she stands up, BB calls an indoor lockdown.

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