Saturday, August 4, 2012

Morning Coffee with Wil and Mike #BB14

Mike is talking to Wil in the Arcade.  He is calm, but is bitter about the situation this week.  He is telling Wil about his conversation in the storage room  with Dan last night.

Mike is being very honest about the conversation, telling Wil he feels like Dan could have given him a quick head's up before the live show started that Frank would be voted out.

Mike:  I mean, we talk a little outside of here...a few texts here and there when I hear about him...his book coming out...stuff like that.  But I consider what he did scumbagging me....

Mike told Dan that he has a number of enemies in the house now, and considers Dan to be one of them.  They bashed Janelle a little about being a liar, all about herself, etc.

Mike is making it clear that he is not part of the Coach's alliance, and that his door is still open to working with Wil.  Mike says the odds of him getting his chip picked for the POV aren't great, but they're pretty good, and the odds of Frank coming off the block are pretty good.

Mike tells Wil he can't even make a one day deal right now--he doesn't trust anybody, but Wil's actions will speak louder than words.  If he keeps Mike out of harm's way, Mike will notice that.  Mike thinks Britney is "kind of useless".

Wil:  She's going to do what she did last time---hide behind people.

Mike:  Yeah.  She's a good runner up with that game.

Now Wil talks about Britney telling him she felt the coaches would go into the game and we get FISH.

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