Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Vintage BB7 Pictures #BB14

I watched a few more vintage clips from the BB7 All Stars feeds that are stored on the SuperPass website.  It was fun to watch these so if you have a SuperPass subscription I recommend surfing around in this area of their website.  They are in the Video section--you will see drop down menus for every season since BB6.

In this clip, Dr. Will and Janelle are laying in bed and chatting.  Dr. Will is doing the talking, but all we see is Janelle.   There is heavy flirtation going on.  Will is telling her that Mike Boogie is a HUGE Big Brother fan but likes to play that down to appear cool.  He says that during BB6, Mike would call Will and describe Janelle, and how cool as shit she was.

Of course, Dr. Will is way too cool to ever watch Big Brother.  Uh huh.  I believe that.  Yep.

You can see the impact that Dr. Will's words have on Janelle.  She didn't need a spoon to eat this up.

This next clip I kind of hesitate to post. but hey what the hell.  It's right there on the SuperPass website.  If you don't know, the All Star season was NUTS.  They were always drinking and partying and messing around.

In this clip, Erika and Janelle put whipped cream and ice cream on Dr. Will's stomach and eat it off.  Dr. Will wasn't exactly NOT enjoying it either, as you might imagine.  Erika and Janelle both took bites (or licks) at least 4 times.  I guess Mike Boogie was in the HOH room, because we can hear him say that he was going to come downstairs and work out with them, but it looks like plans changed.

Will stands up at the end to wipe off his stomach and the girls say his abs are hard enough to eat off of.  You can see Janelle look up at Mike in the second picture.   No clue about why Erika was wearing a tiara.  I'm sure they were wasted, big time.

I also watched a clip from the SuperPass BB6 archives titled "Drunk Janelle".  I only took one picture but she was pretty lit in this one, and is going off about the Nerd Herd.  Howie, James and Rachel were there.  James was mortified about some of the things she was saying, and even said that they shouldn't be making personal attacks against each other.

I remember Janelle was calling Jennifer "that Mexican whore".  (ha ha ha)  And she would act like she was going to find the Nerd Herd and then would say "Howie, stop holding me back!"

Howie was no where near her, of course.  This is a funny one to watch but it will make you miss Janelle if you are a fan of hers.  And who isn't, right?

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