Monday, August 27, 2012

More POV Aftermath #BB14

Frank and Dan had a whispered meeting in the Arcade.  Dan heard yelling out there and wanted to know if it was Ian.  Frank told Dan that Ian came up and was yelling at Frank and Frank told him to "get the fuck out".  Dan giggled at that.

Frank and Ian had planned to do some "day drinking" today and when Ian came up to grab his beers he told him to just forget about that plan.  Frank said, "you were probably going to get drunk and drop some bad news on me, huh?" and Dan had to roll over and laugh he thought it was so funny.

Right after this Frank and Ian had a huge shouting match in the living room.  I had a client on the phone so I had turned the sound down---can anyone add a comment with some sound bites about that?  I know it was good, because we went to FISH right after that.

Now Britney and Danielle are sad together in the Arcade.

 Ian just approached Joe to make a deal.  He made it clear that Frank is his target, and he can beat him in endurance, and Ian is also good at quizzes.  Joe basically told him that he already had a deal with Shane, and it could include Ian too.

The backyard is open now.


  1. Thanks for the updates... I wish I had known about this site all summer long. I just came across it for the first time a few days ago. This is great stuff to feed my Big Brother fix during the day until After Dark begins.

    I hope someone can come up with more details of that shouting match between Frank and Ian. Too bad you had a client right at that crucial moment! So curious to get more info on that, especially since we know that it will be heavily edited for the TV episode.

  2. what about Ians pov cant he use it to save britney?


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