Friday, August 31, 2012

More About Pandora and Jessie #BB14

Ian is outside telling Dan, Frank, Joe, Danielle and Jenn about his Pandora's Box experience.  He could see the Christmas tree with presents under it and the card said that if he entered, he could have the best Christmas ever.  All of the presents are his to keep after the game.



The tree was covered with candy canes and tinsel.    The first gift Ian opened was a mug that said World's Best House Guest.  After seeing that he was worried that all of the gifts would be gag gifts.  He also received:

*  A new shaving kit with a razor and shaving cream
*  Socks, boxer shorts, and a new tie
*  A bunch of science toys, including a telescope that Ian says is "sick"
*  Pool toys, as you can see below
*  The new hammock outside is the one gift he won't take home.  It is very expensive and doesn't squeak like the old hammock.  (Thanks, Pandora!)
*  A J.Crew button down shirt and pajama pants
*  A kit to make a paper mache volcano

Frank had told Ian earlier that he had a dream that Ian was up in the HOH making a paper mache "house of congress".  They think that is a weird coincidence.  They're going to make the volcano together later and Dan thinks it will be "epic".

Frank asked Ian if the Diamond POV was hanging on a tree branch and Ian says he wishes, but no.

They said Jessie was really shaking and Joe told everyone that professional wrestler often take speed to "hype themselves up".   No comment from Frank on that, of course.

Jessie found that white gravy Joe made for dinner on Wednesday and turned it upside down and said he hated Joe for making that.  Ian says Jessie missed the box of Pop Tarts that he put in the freezer, and Dan mentioned a "secret stash" of stuff that Jessie missed, too.  Ian says they are all welcome to enjoy his HOH candy if they have a sweet tooth.

Frank was going to start ripping on how short Jessie is, saying he's got a good six inches on him, but decided not to.  Jessie told Dan he was "skinny fat".  There are gift bags on the dining table that I think contain healthy stuff.  Dan thought they were going to be full of Mr. Pectacular T-shirts.

Dan and Frank both wished they had some of those T-shirts.  Frank wanted to wear it this summer and sell it on Ebay.  Dan probably just needed some new T-shirts.

Here are some of the pool toys. 

Frank saw something in the pool that looked like a lugie and said it was disgusting.  He says he's seen that before.  Ian came over and scooped it up.    (I'm guessing Joe, right?)

Dan still has his champagne from the 24 Hour House Party and wonders if Jessie got that, too.  Jessie poured each beer down the sink and the "two huge jugs of iced tea" that Joe just made.

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