Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mike Talks about his Tennis Player Friend #BB14

who won the women's doubles title this year.  She got injured this year but was top ranked going into the Olympics. 

Mike can't wait to hear the scores from Wimbledon and the Olympics.  He says into his microphone that he doesn't want to see them on Thursday, though.

Mike has been to 7 US Opens, 2 Australian opens, and several Wimbledons.  He saw Andre Agassi win a gold medal and he was with Brooke Shields at the time.  He took pictures of Andre looking up at her and mouthing words during the game.  His friend gets him great seats in the boxes, so he sits near celebrities.

Dr. Will's brother in law (Erin's brother?) actually coaches Andy Roddick.  Mike saw him there at Wimbledon and chit chatted with him.  Andy was with Brooklyn Decker and so Mike got to meet her and make small talk.

**Did you know that Jordan Lloyd went to high school with Brooklyn Decker?  Here a picture of Jordan on the homecoming court of Butler High School.  I think that is Brooklyn standing next to her.***
I have to admit I don't really know who Brooklyn Decker is, but I know she snagged a big tennis player and is a blonde now.

Mike tells a story where he ended up taking some serves from Pete Sampras after practice one day.  Mike was nervous and made a joke about Pete winning 14 grand slams.  Pete joked about Mike's backhand and let Mike hit a winner off of him.  Mike says it was a Bucket List item and on the way home he called every kid he ever played tennis with in high school.  He says Pete's wife came out there and was "hotter than holy hell".

**Pete Sampras said hi to me one time at a tennis tournament.  But I had to say Hi first.  I was so shook up I left my favorite jacket in the Port a Potty.  I couldn't remember which one I went in to so I could get it back, so I sacrificed it.  Pete has a very hairy chest but a smile like Adrian Grenier.  Yummy.***


  1. Being a tennis fanatic, I loved the tennis talk yesterday morning. I think Boogie's friend is Bethanie Mattek-Sands; she won the mixed doubles at this year's Aussie Open. Also, Larry Stefanki is Andy Roddick's coach. Stefanki is married to Kelly Brodie-Stefanki; she is Erin Brodie's oldest sister. :)

  2. Wow BigSister you've got the scoop! Thanks!

    I saw Mike Boogie's picture on TMZ one time with Jennifer Capriati, but I knew he wasn't talking about her!


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