Friday, August 3, 2012

Mike Says Danielle, Britney and Ian #BB14

aren't even using any muscles as the ship leans forward.  They are the right height to just lock their arms behind them--they don't have to use their arms for leverage. 

The ran is coming down very hard, and Jenn says she knows they are freezing.  Joe thinks the cold may get to Britney before her muscles go.

Mike and Ashley finally give Ian some encouragement from the sidelines. 

Mike said Danielle looks really strong.  If you heard what he said about Danielle this morning, you'd understand why he would want to go home.  He's a multi-millionaire, and can just go sit at his bar at Geisha House and be treated like a king.

After the storm Jenn and Dan give nice words to Danielle.  Mike cheers for Frank the Tank.

Dan lost his microphone in the water while he was up there.  Jenn appreciates the crew building something like this.

Frank is down!

Shane is almost down...Jenn encourangs Ian.  Mike too.

Here's who is left:  Shane, Janelle, Wil, Britney, Ian and Danielle.

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