Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mike is Still Playing the Game #BB14

and has a list of items to cover with Frank as they eat breakfast.  Frank made steak and eggs for both of them and they have the room to themselves for the moment.

Mike feels that their options have opened up in the past 12 hours, but they need to start working now so that they can make sure both of them aren't on the block this week.  Mike thinks there is a possibility that he can get Janelle put up on the block if either Frank or Wil get saved.

To summarize:

*  He says that he had a conversation with Wil and reminded Wil that it is a strong possibility that Frank would be coming off the block.  So then Wil will need votes to stay.  He feels like that will open some doors.

*  He has heard that Danielle is "super paranoid" about being their big target now.  He suggests that one or both of them need to talk to her soon and basically tell her not to flatter herself--she is like a bug on the bottom of their shoes---not a big target.  (I'm pretty sure they WILL NOT phrase it like that.  I guess.  Mike is pretty honest about things.)

*  He says that Dan is begging to work with him at this point.  If he approaches him and says he's ready to play he thinks they may be able to get Janelle up on the block this week.

*  The breakfast "is delicious".  Frank says the steak has been marinating all night in spices.  Mike doused it with hot sauce while he ate.

Ian walks through and Mike apologizes for taking his shoes and socks.  He thought they were his this morning.

Mike thinks their top priorities today should be to make Dan and Danielle comfortable about Frank winning the POV today.  He does not want to team up with Janelle if they don't have to .

I guess some Xanax and a decent night of sleep have improved Mike's mood and outlook on the game.

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