Friday, August 17, 2012

Mike in the Morning #BB14

Mike Boogie is the first one up today, as usual.  I'm sure the house guests will be nursing some aches and pains today.  I went to bed on the East Coast just as the HOH competition was ending, and supposedly Jenn was in A LOT of pain.  She made a comment about why BB didn't have them wear back braces before a competition like that and we went to FISH.

How fast do you think BB will get a doctor there to see her today?  Doesn't a bass player in a band need to be able to move about freely?  One word to Jenn Arroyo:  Cha-Ching.

You don't create a Crisco-covered surface for them to race on without intending to make them fall a few times.  I'm not a personal injury attorney, but if I were Jenn I would be taking a few meetings.

OK.  Mike got up and went to the WC, and as you can see he walked right past those sinks without using them.  And then he went in the kitchen and made coffee.  (He might as well just rub his junk on the coffee pot, right?  **gross**)

He applied ear drops and laid down for a few minutes to let them do their magic.  Then he continued his morning routine, mixing a coffee-protein shake and sitting on the couch to speak with us.

Mike speaks:

Mike:  Good morning, internet fans.  And as usual, a big hello to Kim Grant, Vance, and Dr. Will Kirby.  I'm sure some of you know what happened last night.  Britney won the safety with her operatic performance with her quick little feet.  Shane won the HOH---no big surprise there.  And I won 10 grand.  I'm feeling pretty good now.  Hopefully with Frank saving them last week we'll be safe this week.  No need to win that HOH.  But I guess no one knows....Britney may be able to talk him into something, but he won't do it on his own.  My confidence level?  Oh....about a 9 this week.  It would be a 10, if it were just for Shane.  Britney's no dummy...

Mike puts down the awnings at the request of BB and has trouble with one of the knots.

Mike:  Jesus.  Who thinks they are on America's Cup with this knot?

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