Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mike Faces Down Danielle #BB14

He is upstairs in the HOH and started off slowly with her, saying he was very upset about the changes in the game this week, and he didn't want to be one of those people who "run to the power" frantically every week. 

Danielle agrees that visiting her later, after having time to think about it is more geniune.    Mike said he thought he would be nominated, but Danielle assures him she is not the type of person to back door anyone--she would have nominated him if he was her target this week.

Danielle knows that Mike has talked to Dan, but claims to not know that they talked about.  Mike says that he was brought into the game under false pretenses.

Mike:  I should know by now, after three times, that this isn't about us.  It's not about our experiences and what we want.  It's a television show!  They don't care what we gave up to be here.  We left our families...Britney left her job....

Danielle is pissed because NO ONE came to talk to her about her nominations---they all just expected her to do what she did.

(Funny, I heard her complain to Britney last night that she was annoyed that Jenn came up to talk to her.  But I saw her tell Jenn she is welcome any time up there, and not to feel awkward about coming up to talk or listen to her CD.  It is some country CD with a duet with Kelly Clarkson--that song is one that Jenn wants to listen to.)

So now they have covered how Mike felt last night, that Danielle felt ignored, blah blah blah.  Mike referred to BB as "The Wizard" and said he was lied to, and we get a quick FISH on that.

Mike is very, very good at these one-on-one conversations.  He goes into it with an objective, and circles back around to it slowly.  He was very honest in discussing how he felt, and I think when he leaves the room Danielle will feel that he is not after her.  He also apologized for Frank yesterday, saying that his own bad attitude may have rubbed off on Frank.

Mike:  I was mad at the world yesterday.

Danielle is so stubborn and wants him to know that NO ONE told her what to do this week---she made her own nominations and he shouldn't blame Dan for it.  Britney came in and complained that the bathroom downstairs was "so packed" but she had to leave anyway.

Mike now addresses his Janelle Problem, saying that Janelle hates Frank because he knows that Mike has her number, so Frank has her number.  They both know she gravitates towards the power and cannot be trusted.  Frank mentions that he knows Dan wants to work with Janelle and Danielle tells him not to be so sure about that.  They hug it out after the meeting is over.

Downstairs Janie Doll is curling her eyelashes and making herself up for the day.

If you've never watched Ian Terry brush his teeth, it's quite a sight.  Check out that vertical brush action.

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