Friday, August 17, 2012

Mike Discusses Wil and Danielle #BB14

Mike wants to discuss Wil's big exit last night, and his lies about his profession.  When Wil left he said, "I'm nobody's marketing consultant!".

Mike:  Now, maybe I'm a jaded LA resident, but it is far more impressive to say you are a working marketing consultant than someone with failed record deals.  In LA, that's not such a big deal.  I just don't understand lying about that.


Mike:  Last night when we were sitting around waiting for Shane's HOH key, we were talking about Wil's actual life, and someone said they don't understand people who lie about their professions in the Big Brother house.  I was staring at Danielle when that was said, but she couldn't see my eye line based on where I was on the couch, you can watch the tape on that, but she froze for a minute, and her eyes were open wide.  I'm pretty sure that due to her age and personality, she's a nurse.  I don't know why she would lie about that.  Now, if she was 30, and a nurse practicioner, I might be able to justify the lie based on the income discrepancies.  But at her age, don't a nurse and a kindergarten teacher make about the same money?  Danielle is growing on me a little, after her assistance with my ear problems, and I did appreciate that.  But I don't understand these lies...maybe they're just newbies.

Mike thanks Big Brother for the news about current events--he doesn't remember that happening in past seasons but it gives them something to talk about now and he appreciates it.

(I think it was good, too.)

Mike discusses the Dwight Howard trade and needs more information---he knows the Lakers wouldn't just get Howard without giving something up.  He's not a Lakers fan, he's a Celtics fan all the way.  Mike knows that Dwight is 6'11". 

Mike talks about what we see when we google him by his real name, Mike Malin.  He says first you see the restaurants, then you see BB, then you see all of the hatred (Mike:  Sticks and stones...).  But if you add NASA to Mike's name, you will see another person with the same name.  **FISH**

Mike would like to send Britney to the Jury first, since that is the worst position.  He wants her to just sit in her bitterness and stew in it.

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