Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mike Boogie's Forbidden Shout Out #BB14

I just turned on my live feeds and there is Mike Boogie giving his shout outs to the camera.

I'm assuming he is addressing Dr. Will and his family with this:

Mike: ...and I'm sure you're checking in on the internet here and there...and I'm sure Erin Brodie will be watching and will LOVE this Thursday night...


(I'm sure Erin Brodie HATES Janelle.  After all Will was carrying on his flirtmance while he was dating her.)

Mike:  I guess I could say a little something to Janelle's husband.  I don't know if you're watching the feeds, but...wait here's a plane...(pause).....Mike Boogie has been doing excellent work here and I'm going to send her home early to you.  We could have had a good summer and worked together but she decided to be a big liar this year.  I've got nothing against a few lies here and there, but that's all she's been doing.  So Mr. Janelle, and also her mom...Hi Ann (waves)....I'm going to have to send her home.  It will probably happen to me, too, but not this week.  Sorry.

Mike says he'll drink to that and toasts us with his protein shake.

 Mike:  How about my favorite comment she made to Danielle..she said how can you nominate me without my make up on...how could you do that to me?

He tells Janelle she played sloppy this year, and Motherhood made her soft and sloppy.  He asks her please to keep lying for the next 58 hours and 40 minutes until the eviction.

He shout out to Dr. Will again and says he knows Will is "McLovin" all of this action.  He started to address the "internet weirdos" but decides to leave that "for later".  He wants Chef Joe out next.  He gives us a little preview of this morning.  Wil Heuser said he wants to get up early to talk to Mike.  He thinks Wil wants to make a deal with him.  He likes those odds.

FISH.  Probably the Wake Up call.

I'd like to remind everyone the first thing we saw on the live feeds this season.  Within the first hour, I saw Janelle telling the newbies about Mike's legal issues, and his many STDs.  Does Mike know about this?  Possibly.  That might explain the personal animosity he has for Janelle.  You can review the situation in this recap of the first BBAD episode of the season, beginning when the feeds went live. 

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