Friday, August 17, 2012

Mike Boogie's BB Mid-Season Scouting Report #BB14

Mike decides to give the fans a scouting report on each player in the middle of the season.  (Preesh, Mike.)


Frank:  Good player, loves him.  He's been the Dr. Will of the season for Mike so far.

Ian:  Great kid.  Don't have bad things for him personally, but he's not the best at competitions.  Not giving him shit for the phyiscal competition last night, but he's missed the Q & A.  Doesn't want to sit next to him in the end--he is too loveable and will give a good speech. He's done a good job with Julie Chen's questions.

Jenn:  He needs to keep her around.  She lost Wil, and needs validation and assurance.  He thinks she is missing something in life--maybe it's the dual households or something.  Mike Boogie can offer that assurance---he's not just a cold assassin like we think he is.  He is setting Jenn as a mini-goal for today--he's going to work on her.  He doesn't see her winning a contest---she tries hard.  And she's a good person.

Ashley:  Sweet, sweet girl.  He loves Ashley.  She had a horrible back injury and only complained---***FISH***---and she's just a sweetheart.  She would be his dream contestant to sit next to in the Final Two.  She is likeable and will coast and he'd like to take her to the end.   She is similar to Chicken George as far as being non-threatening in the final competitions.

Chef Joe:  He's been there a few weeks longer than he should have.  But he has him just where he wants him---Joe thinks Frank and Mike saved him and he is confident and feels loyalty to them.  A few sly winks in his direction really went a long way for Mike.   Joe might stab them in the back, and he might get nominated today.  But if he wins the POV, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.  (It might be, Mike.)

Shane:  He is Captain America and is one of the sickest athletes Mike has ever been around.  He is a beast and Mike knows that he is no where near Shane's physical level, but Shane's competitive spirit is on par with Mike's.  He thinks that the two of them running up and down together last night held value for Shane--even though Mike was cruising to an easy win that meant something to Shane.  Mike would like to keep him, if Britney is not around.  If he's there, he and Frank can always point to Shane's 5 of 11 wins so far in the game as a huge unbeatable threat.  He does not want to compete with him in the Final Four, or sit next to him at the end.  Mike will not let that happen.

(I did hear Shane and Mike talking about pacing each other last night.)

Mike took a quick break to refill his protein shake but came right back as promised to finish his report.

Danielle:  Nice girl---definitely cast in the Jordan role.  And big shout out to Jordan and Jeff Schroeder.  I've never met them, but I'd like to hang out with them.  Someone please tweet Jeff and ***FISH***.  Now he is talking about getting Danielle to use the POV to get rid of Janelle.  She is the kind of player that you treat as a robot or a video game.  Mike kind of used the joystick on Danielle to control her that week.  She's a warrior, she was a cheerleader and did pageants in the South---he knows that is a competitive world like no other, so she's tough.  He would have liked to see her go for safety against Britney last night.  He likes her and the position she's in--he's done a good job of buddying up with her about evicting Janelle and her family situation.  One of Mike's mini-goals is to listen to her this weekend talk about her family and brother.  She can get a little long-winded, but it's worth it to Mike.


We didn't get to hear his assessment of Dan and Britney, and he said he was saving the other coaches for last.  I think BB asked Mike to clean the bathroom windows.  When we saw him next he was cleaning them and saying "yeah, they are dirty!".

OK--Mike is back now and apologizes for the interruption.  He says sometimes you have to do a few chores.

Britney:  I have a love-hate relationship with Britney.  She's a classic complainer, so sometimes that is fun to commiserate with her.  But sometimes it is a little too much.  She's never really happy, even when she's happy.  She's super cool, and mature yet immature.  She's a career woman, married, lived in NYC, but is also messy, leaving stuff around.  A little bit of the Princess factor in that she eats a little, drinks a little, and leaves her half-finished cups and plates everywhere.  I expect more from people who are married, as opposed to kids like Ian.  She's been out of school for three years now--wash your fucking cups and plates.  Now, Britney's gameplay   ***FISH***

Damn.  I think its the wake up call.  But if I get to hear the rest I will come back and update.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog and have have been hooked since. Thanks for the up dates.


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