Friday, August 17, 2012

Mike Boogie Won't See This Coming #BB14

He has been out in the pool with Ian, Ashley, Dan and Frank, telling tales about his time on BB All Stars.  The feeds have been interrupted constantly by much of the juicy conversation.

I think he was talking about either Erika Landin or Gretchen from Housecalls, saying that "she still won't speak to me".  He said, "Dr. Will even called in and"  ***FISH***

He talked about Bunky, who was one of the All Star potential players who was left standing on the BB steps and didn't get to go in the house.  Apparently Bunky is very bitter about that, claiming that Marcellas was chosen to be the "token gay" of the BB7 season.

Mike:  You know, everybody always thinks they are more than they are....

(ha ha ha ha cue sinister music  ha ha ha)

Ian says that Lisa Donahue from BB3 should have come in the house over Erika.  Mike says that Erika is a good player, making it very far twice.

Mike:  She plays a great silver medal game.

He spoke of the incredible tension in the house after "the girls figured it out" and Janelle evicted Dr. Will.  He said he was in the DR for a long time.

Ian plans to watch a few episodes of BB14 per day until he sees the entire thing.  Mike didn't watch the entire BB7 series like that---he just saw "chunks of it".

Meanwhile, in the bathroom Danielle, Shane and Britney plotted Mike's demise.  Shane mentioned that Mike had a Bentley that he sold when he had the baby.

Shane also implied that he knew Mike would be on the show this year, saying he read things on the internet.  He started to say he read that Will refused to do BB7 unless Mike was cast also, but BB interrupted that statement with FISH.

Shane also referenced the drug rumors, asking "isn't Mike a big partier?".  Britney said yes, but he has a baby now and is older.

Britney:  Did I tell  you about his genital warts?


And you'll love this one:

Shane was planning to "be gay this year and pull that card" on the show.  Both girls jaws dropped.

Shane:  You know, because the gay guys are friendly with everybody, and don't pose a's not true, of course.  And I didn't want to be portrayed to America as the gay guy....

Danielle:  Wil was a threat..

Shane:  But not until the end...

Danielle told them that last night just before the live show, Mike asked her if she was ready to win if it was an endurance challenge.  Danielle said yes and he asked her if she was ready to make a Big Move.  He implied that Shane and Britney needed to go on the block.

Shane and Britney both nodded and said "Um Hummm".

Then Dan came in from the pool, saying that Mike is out there telling old stories that aren't good for his game.  I think he is telling stories about turning on people that would make Frank nervous.  And he said that all Wil was interested in was self-promotion.

Dan:  And then I came right in's his business if he wants to self promote...if he wants to PUNCH IT IN!

They all laugh.

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