Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mike Boogie with No Topper. #BB14

A rare sighting of Mike Boogie without a hat, bandana or doo rag.  He and Wil and Jenn are on the patio complaining about Joe using all of the meat to make his meals.  He used all of the ground turkey and they are all upset that it is gone for the week.


Mike feels they need to do a Reset on that process next week.  Wil proposes that Joe pick one night to cook and they will fend for themselves the rest of the week.  Mike likes that idea and thinks they should go with it.

Wil:  It's one thing if you keep saying you want to win Chopped, then go be on Chopped!

Mike:  Yeah.  It's not Big Chopped Brother.

They discuss how Joe thinks because he cooks, he thinks he'll never go anywhere.  Right on cue, Joe opens the back door and calls out that dinner is 30 minutes away.  He repeats that at least once.

Jenn starts talking about the ground turkey and she's throwing the eff bomb all over the place.  Don't get her started on food, I guess.   She found a thumbtack in the backyard and they joke that Production created land mines out there.


  1. I love reading your posts and updates! I wanted to buy the feeds and was looking on your page to see if I could buy them from your page since. I've been on the trial period for a few days but even watching them, I love seeing your updates (since I can't watch all the feeds).

    Anyways just wanted to say thanks for posting. Some of your updates have had me rolling laughing. I'm going to be so sad if Janelle leaves this week. Unfortunately it looks like it's happening. It's crazy how different the CBS show is from the feeds, this is my first season reading blogs and watching the feeds at all. This is really random, but do you have any links for where Janelle does her workouts? I think yesterday they were all stretching and I was like oh, I should stretch too. I was going to try to use flashback and do one of the Brazilian booty workouts (HA). Their workout today was only a few minutes.


    1. Its the Brazilian Butt lift workout I think. You can probably check out youtube to see reviews and stuff about it. I think it is a series of DVDs.

  2. Thanks! You can get the feeds or the three day trial by clicking on the icon on the top left corner of the page.

    I have hope for Janelle, but I agree it doesn't look good. They are really making her out to be the Devil right now, but Britney and Dan have been lying their asses off too. It will be interesting to see who will become the villain next.

    I don't know about her workout, but I'm thinking there may be a video or something. It looks like fun and they all say their butts are sore afterwords, so it must be good!


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