Monday, August 20, 2012

Mike Boogie Wants Answers #BB14

They are locked inside right now, so they are trapped like rats in there.

Mike:  Shane, I just want to know why you gave us the runaround, if you were going to make that decision the whole time...

Shane:  Well, I listened to all information, and had to make the best decision....

Frank:  You made us look like a bunch of yo yo's dog.

Shane:  Well I'm sorry...

Frank:  You can stuff your sorries in a sack, son!

(Another great line from Frank.)

Mike:  Well, you were worried all about how you'd look on TV Shane, and now you just look like Dan's bitch!  You better hope your boss wins HOH this week.

Shane:  Is that a threat?

Mike: No, it's not a threat.  I'm not in the game anymore!  But Frank can back that up next week.  I'm gonna love watching you get played in this game.

Frank:  And it's great for Dan, because he just went from my #1 target to my #2 target.

Jenn eats an orange.  Frank just had one and said it tasted great.

Shane just keeps doing dishes.  Sometimes that is the only thing you can do to keep busy in there.

Joe knows how lucky he is, and for once is smart enough to keep quiet.

Ian rocks back and forth like a mental patient.

Mike tells his former team of Frank, Ian and Jenn that they will surely get taken to the end now, since they know they won't get their vote to win.

Ian, laughing:  You know what that means?  New mountain bikes!

Mike:  Yep, $50,000 for somebody!

Frank, to Shane:  I'll tell you what Shane, your boy over there ain't helping you out at all right now...

Mike:  Yeah, he's sitting over there loving all of this.  Maybe he'll throw the HOH again, too, like I did last Thursday.

I love how you can see Dan reading the Bible just over Mike's shoulder.  Mike walks by Dan and says "Good gameplay!  Good job"

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