Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mike Boogie Awakens First, As Usual #BB14

It is standard operating procedure for Mike Boogie to get out of bed first in the Big Brother house, and to make the first pot of coffee.

Today is no different, even though it is a certainty that this is his last day in the game.  He did some stretching and then waited patiently for his coffee to brew, thinking and pondering silently.  As usual, I think he is concerned with not waking anyone else up, not just for their consideration, but to have some time alone.  Some of the most important conversations occur early in the morning, while everyone else is still out cold.

I think he just went into the DR for a few minutes, and is now mixing up his customary coffee-protein shake.  Mike Boogie is a man of habits, many of which are good.

There are quite a few noises to be heard--some distant thumping and a drumming sound.  Like equipment is being dragged around.  I am assuming the racket is coming from the backyard.  Mike is locked down indoors this morning, so I don't think he will be able to address us as he usually does.  Bummer.

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