Friday, August 3, 2012

Mike and Frank Make Plans #BB14

Mike told Frank that they just missed a blindside. 

Frank: You're not going with Janelle, are you?

Mike: No! I'm with you!  Me and you are like me and Will.  I'm rolling with you!  Now, if Britney wins.....but you'll be with me!

Mike thinks Dan knew that Frank was going to leave, and plans to make a huge deal out of it.  Mike also plans to call out Wil, because they think he was lying to them big time.

They went inside and started to change clothes.  Outside Dan gives Danielle a Made for TV speech about how he picked her for a reason.  She can win this game if she starts rignt now. She can see her family pictures, a Bama flag...all she has to do is hang on.

Dan:  You don't take deals, you MAKE THE DEALS!

Mike and Frank say say they would want Ian to nominate Dan and Janelle.

Oh shit.

Now Dan is talking shit to Ian, encouraging him and saying that two former BB winners have great respect for him.

Then he starts some real bullshit about a "woman named Taylor" who will be waiting for him with open arms at Tulane". 

WTF Dan?  Just shut up.

Ian just turned around and I'm not sure it helped.

Joe is rooting in the fridge.  Mike is in a hot shower.  Britney, Danielle and Ian keep hanging on.

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